Animal Academy

About our NGO partner

We are the only rescue centre for farm animals in the island of Fuerteventura. Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate these animals so they can have a forever home with us and an incredible quality of life. We collaborate with the islands police in order to rescue animals abandoned or in a bad situation and we offer veterinary care and a home for free forever.

We also offer guided visits and education in schools and collaborate with organisations in the island for handicapped people and immigrants (children and adults) and we offer them the chance to help us in the farm and feel the beauty and therapeutic effect of being with our animals. We are 3 founders of the NGO and all volunteers and this is our passion.

We would like to show our work to the world so more people can start doing as we did. We started rescuing one goat at home and now we have a huge farm with 150 animals. We think that compassion for animals is very important in this world and if we can change just one person that visits us each time and show them our beautiful world then our mission is fulfilled

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How we began

“I started The Animal Academy with my father Julio Cruz sénior, Olga Amann and now we have also Alba Gonzalez with us; we are a team of animal lovers and profound defenders of animal welfare. I always loved animals and when I arrived to the island of Fuerteventura some years ago I started rescuing one dog then a goat then a donkey and so on at my own home. When the situation got out of control we decided to make it our main goal in life and founded the NGO The animal academy and since then we have rescued more than 100 animals. My life are my animals and I would do anything for them”

–  Julio Cruz, founder of The Animal Academy.